I love to use photos. What can I say? I like my face. Here’s a story of the journey so far.

This photo is from a Spring 2011 trip to Wyoming. This picture was the reason I decided I needed to really be more proactive about getting healthy. I had had no idea I was so broad.


This is from a family portrait session that summer, after I started working on my own to get weight shifting. It wasn’t happening:

Here’s a photo from our wedding, two months later with everything cinched in tightly and dressed up. This was between Biggest Loser rounds, after I won the first one. (Based of my overall skill improvement, notsomuch with the actual losing of the weight.)

And here is the most recent photo. I bought the grey dress before the wedding and could only wear it without the belt. (And even then, just barely fit into it at all.) Now, I’m on the center belt notch. This is strictly from changing what I ate, cause let’s be honest: I’m still a lazy ass.  Five months eating eggs with bacon instead of toast? I’ll take it. And hey look, that flower again!

Other pertinent “About Me”-style details.

I’m 27. I’m married to Tommy, an online marketing strategist

We have a son:

In the coming year, I have a lot I want to accomplish. The Get Healthy goal is one of many, but I’ll unravel some more of those as I go along.



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